2016 Summer Olympics in Rio
Rio 2016


Weekly Roundup: January 23 – January 29

Lee Jenkins (@SI_LeeJenkins) of Sports Illustrated details how Chris Paul is trying to make his time in Houston similar to his time in New Orleans.

Kent Babb (@KentBabb) of the Washington Post explains how Bill Belichick’s downfall in Cleveland led to the birth of the Patriots’ dynasty.

Paula Lavigne and Nicole Noren (@pinepaula and @Nicole_Noren) of ESPN take an in-depth look at the issues at Michigan State involving their athletic department.

Mike Freeman (@MikeFreemanNFL) of Bleacher Report explains how it was obvious to him that Jim Schwartz would be successful in the NFL.

Nicole Auerbach (@NicoleAuerbach) of The Athletic details how Mark Emmert was previously alerted to sexual assault issues at Michigan State.

Greg Bishop (@GregBishopSI) of Sports Illustrated profiles James Develin and his unlikely path to the Super Bowl.

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